Red Sea Global has entered into a 25-year concession agreement with EDF and Masdar to design, build, and operate the power and water infrastructure for the luxury resort destination, Amaala, situated on the Red Sea coast in Saudi Arabia.

The eco-friendly facility, entirely powered by solar energy, is anticipated to save nearly half a million tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. The agreement encompasses an entirely off-grid renewable energy system, battery energy storage, desalination, and wastewater treatment, showcasing Amaala’s commitment to achieving a zero-carbon footprint. With a capacity to generate 410,000 MWh per annum, the renewable supply system aligns with Amaala's goal of powering 10,000 households for a year. The utilities concession agreement will contribute to Amaala's net-zero ambitions, fostering a regenerative impact on the environment. Amaala aims to deliver a 30% net conservation benefit to local ecosystems by 2040. Phase One of Amaala, focusing on the Triple Bay masterplan, is set to welcome guests in early 2025, offering an exceptional blend of hospitality, residences, retail, and recreational facilities.