EDF supports Middle East energy transition

With an active presence in the region of over 28 years, we aim to address the region’s energy challenges by offering the most appropriate low-carbon solutions, smart energy and smart cities services.

The 360 EDF Middle East leading energy expertise

From low-carbon energy production, carbon capture through transmission and distribution networks to energy efficiency services, EDF Group is active in 5 key sectors in the Middle east. The Group supports the government and the industries to meet their energy sustainable goals, to create and optimize the region's low-carbon electricity production as well as to create smart cities and generate energy savings to better serve the population.

5 low-carbon energy where we make a difference

Energy transition: Our flagship projects

EDF contributes to the Middle East energy transition and indulge the positive impact on its citizens' lives through low-carbon energy production, carbon capture and energy efficiency services.

Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant maintenance signing


Barakah Nuclear fleet

renewable energy: MBR Phase III DEWA solar park


MBR Phase III Solar Park

renewable energy: open-cycle gas turbines plant


H-Station at Al Aweer (UAE)

EDF UAE: Power System and Transmission Engineering Center


Etihad Water and Electricity Substation (UAE)

smart city: Kingdom Tower Riyadh KSA

Energy Services

Energy Savings Centre at Kingdom Tower (KSA)

smart grid distribution metering network


53 000 smart meters & 30+ clients employees trained

decarbonization through clean hydrogen

Clean Hydrogen

Contributing to the decarbonisation of industry and mobility with electrolytic hydrogen.

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