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EDF is the leader in thermal generation, engineering and digitalized operation and maintenance.

Saudi Arabia’s Generation Optimization Center

EDF is building and operating two supervision and optimization centers for Saudi Electricity Company’s (SEC) generation fleet (42,000 MW) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
At EDF we bring our expertise in several areas: O&M, Asset Management, fuel logistics, call program, industrial architecture and eMonitoring continuously since 2016. EDF teams are integrated into SEC teams to work in harmony within the Generation Optimization Center business unit.
EDF team supports SEC employees in their skills development and implementation of a centralized knowledge pool.

AWEER…Dubai’s open-cycle gas turbines plant

EDF is the Owner’s engineer and is managing on behalf of our client DEWA, the H Station Phase 4 project – Aweer, which consists in the construction of 3 open cycle gas turbines for a global capacity of 700 MW.
EDF services consist in developing the feasibility study of the project, preparing the EPC tender documents, evaluating the EPC bids and performing the complete supervision of the EPC contractor from the design review till the warranty period.

Support Services for Lekhwair CCGT plant in Oman

Our services are bringing EDF Ingeum’s expertise in engineering and commissioning management to Zawawi Powertech Engineering, a local EPC company, especially for the construction of a new 100 MW combined cycle power plant in Lekhwair. Furthermore, EDF Ingeum has accomplished a complete digital modelization plan of the plant in order to monitor its performance depending on the onsite conditions and the sustainable operation over the years. This wide portfolio of services is provided by the joint venture between EDF and the local Zawawi group, called EDF Zawawi Energy Services LLC.

SUR gas engines power plant commissioning in Oman

EDF is bringing its expertise in commissioning management to the local EPC company, Zawawi Powertech Engineering, for the construction of a new 200 MW gas engines power plant in SUR for Oman LNG. The services are provided through the local joint venture EDF - Zawawi Energy Services LLC. EDF has prepared pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures and is supporting the commissioning management on site.

Lebanon : Supervision of the O&M of Naameh biogaz power plant in Lebanon

EDF provides services consisting of supervising the operation and maintenance of this 7 gas engine plants on behalf of the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR). This supervision will allow CDR to ensure the good condition of the installations when transferring them to Electricité du Liban at the end of the O&M contract.

Supervision of the O&M of Zouk and Jiyeh reciprocating engines power plant

This contract consists of the supervision and management of the delegated management of the Operation and Maintenance of 2 reciprocating engines power plants on Zouk (200 MW) and Jiyeh (80 MW) sites in Lebanon.

Due diligence for the O&M of Zahrani and Deir Amar Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGTs) in Lebanon

Deir Amar and Zahrani Combined Cycle Gas Turbines power plants have a total capacity of 450 MW each, located in Lebanon. EDF has carried out a full due diligence study in accordance with relevant international standards and best utility practices. The final report of this due diligence aimed to be integrated by Electricity of Lebanon (EDL), the client, in the documents related to the Operation and Maintenance of the two combined cycle power plants for the future tender to be floated to outsource this O&M.


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